Friday, February 3, 2012 watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

...a perfect compliment to finishing the book last night.

Will still isn't feeling up to par.  Poor little guy...

Thankfully the little girls are fine.  Just as temperamental as usual.  But healthy.

So the two little ones and I did our best to make him feel better today.

He drank lots of water, watched lots of TV,  and we made him some muffins.  Mississippi Mud Muffins.  Applesauce, Whole Wheat Flour, and lots of spices.  Yum.  An old family favorite!

never forgets her apron!

sharing the task of lining the cupcake tin

carefully filling the papers

This evening we had our somewhat-as-regular-as-we-can-manage-it-family-pizza-party evening while watching HARRY POTTER!  As a special pick-me-up for my little guy, I was able to somehow mange to download this movie to our Apple TV.  As a side note:  Since Mark left us from his R&R we have had more computer issues than I care to mention.  Typically, not only do I not talk about them...but I ignore them.  But iTunes was the only way to rent this movie so I hunkered down, early in the morning before any of the kids woke up, and I figured out how to get this feature to work.

The chapters are rather long and the print is pretty small.  My goal when we started this book was to read about a chapter a night.  However, the more we read of the book, the more we wanted to read.  And last night we read for over an hour to finish off the first book.

Clearly I missed the Harry Potter bandwagon that started many years ago.  Better late than never!  We all really enjoyed it.

Book vs. Movie?

Movie says Will.
Book says Isabella.

I guess tomorrow we'll be heading to the library for Harry Potter #2.

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