Thursday, February 2, 2012 take the kids out to dinner celebrate improvements in their report cards

Mark and I are very lucky to have two kiddos who try hard with school.   Our goal is to teach them to try to improve on skills that could be better.

It was funny to watch Isabella hand over her report card...she always is so nervous.

They both improved on the areas that are quite difficult for them.  Any guesses?

For William:  Participation in the liturgy  Surprised?  :)
For Isabella:  Makes transitions appropriately  Meaning she isn't quite as gabby between activities in the classroom as she was last quarter.  Funny that talking would be difficult for her??  :)  I suppose...Like mother.  Like daughter.

To celebrate we decided we were going to head to their favorite pizza place.

I am sorry to say the stars in the sky were not aligned this evening.

Will began to complain and whine that he didn't want to go to wrestling.  He mentioned something about a headache.  I told him he was fine.  And he was going anyway.  (Yup.  Good mothering moment.)  On a whim I took his temp...102.2.

Oh dear.

Abbey seemed a bit more crabby than usual.  Took her temp.  99.9.

Uh oh.

Took Audrey's too:  99.8

Something's in the house. 

Only Isabella has escaped this bug.  

After breakfast for dinner (the next best way to celebrate) and a little Tylenol they all seem fine.  Here's to hoping they just have quick fevers and they'll all be fine in the morning.

Wouldn't that make Will the happiest (since school rules say I have to keep him home)?

I think he will say Yip Wiiiiiiii!

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  1. I hope everyone is feeling better soon. I see a trip to Cici's in your near future!