Monday, February 13, 2012 make laundry detergent

...because when life gets stressful I like to throw in little unnecessary projects!

I have been meaning to do this forever!  And the real catalyst to try it on this particularly crazy evening was the several loads of laundry awaiting your truly...and no TIDE to finish it.

However, this proved to be a great diversion project for Abbey this weekend.

I had a houseful of kids on Saturday night and for a short time Abbey was playing the role of 'pesky little sister' quite well.  And KT and Isabella were getting...shall we say, a bit disgruntled with her.

This was the perfect activity to keep her nearly independently engaged and distracted her from trying to tag along with the big girls.

We just needed a few inexpensive products

We shredded the soap in the food processor

measured, poured and 

You won't be surprised when you see my source...

The project proved to be a success.  By the time that Abbey was finished, the big girls had moved on to something less appealing to Abbey's four-years-but-wants-to-be-eight-years-old self.

And then, we spent the rest of the evening in harmony.

I love this picture!

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  1. LOVE it. You crack me up b/c I would so be doing the same type of projects :)