Tuesday, February 28, 2012

...to take care of baby #3

...she was the second one afflicted with the crud

I couldn't have cuddled up and savored my covers any more quickly than I did last night.  After our long trip and then a rough night with Audrey, a night of uninterrupted sleep was something I was intensely craving.

That night was not-in-the-stars for me last night.

Poor thing.

Poor me.

Poor Timber?  That dog is one-more-time-awakening-me-and-she-wins-a-one-way-ticket-to-the-kennel.  Four times last night she woke me up to go outside?  Really???

Maybe I should feel lucky I was only giving a bath to #3 and not shampooing carpets.  I suppose I could have had to bathe her at 2 a.m. too.

It is very hard to be thankful for these little things at 2 a.m.

Seriously though...anyone want an adoring fourteen-year-old shepherd to complete your family?

#2 also woke me to climb into bed.  Since he slept right between Abbey and I, I am quite certain he'll be visiting me for other reasons tonight.  Sigh.

Does anyone out there know why the stomach bug doesn't typically strike during daytime hours?  Unless of course you are in a vehicle?

Alas, I am not ready to throw in the towel yet.  Bring it on stomach bug.  Bring it on Timber.  The end is in sight for me fighting these battles alone.  And frankly, I would rather have all of this hit now than to cast a shadow over our time when Mark comes home.

In the meantime, I'll head to bed now and keep my fingers crossed than I am only awakened by my alarm in the morning.  Oh yes...and I'll say a little prayer my Abbey is back to herself tomorrow.

a lovely day at the park in Richmond

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  1. That is one cute face! So sorry to hear the bug is roaming around...I hope no one else gets it and that you're able to get some sleep tonight! :(