Sunday, February 5, 2012 share a headline of the weekend

...and even though we were on a self-imposed quarantine...we had a lovely weekend!

Will still wasn't feeling well for most of the weekend.  And a trip to the doctor on Saturday morning ruled out a strep infection so we treated him with lots of rest, television, Gatorade, Tylenol, and video games.

On that short outing to the clinic we made a quick trip to the Library (of course for Harry Potter #2) and I happened to grab the post newspaper.

Was I ever surprised!

Guess who is gracing the cover this week?

I love the expression on her face and the caption next to her.  "Unlimited Possibilities"

There is one more photo of her with her classmates inside the paper:

What a fun surprise!

Note:  Grandparents, don't forget to reserve your copy today!  If you would like...

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  1. Love it! I bet Abbey was thrilled to see herself in the paper too! I think I am going to need an autographed copy!