Monday, February 25, 2013 share some ordinary moments our less than ordinary life.

Kailey was returned with a clean bill of health!  Her broken arm has healed and she has been cleared for playdates.

Audrey was super excited and especially loved the little get well card that was sent with her.

Here I am about to reveal the secret to achieving super-tough-to-chew breadsticks....

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

These photos were taken over a period of 45 minutes.  That dough was kneaded, rolled, sprinkled, poked, smashed, and smoothed.  Obviously there was no 'rest' for this poor dough.

These helpers were so occupied (taking turns every five minutes with a timer) that I was able to get ready for my date on Friday night without any interruptions! 

Who tares if they are a bit chewy?

Besides, I didn't have to eat them.

Playdates were another highlight around here this week.  Even more so because I didn't have to chaperone them!

Looking out for Daddy!

The girls will often run to the window to check and see if it is him that they hear.

A nightcap...

Coffee, Bailey's & a bit o' whipped cream.  Perfect for warming up on these super freezing nights!

And finally, I'll leave you with my favorite photo taken the past few days:

My sweet, creative, ten-year-old...

with a handle-bar mustache.


  1. Those were great... but I LOVED the video of Audrey's spaghetti dinner and her "who tares if Timber eats it" attitude. HYSTERICAL!