Wednesday, February 20, 2013 report some stats

...along with my inner conflicts keep me honest about my progress on my Lenten activity.

3 spaces tackled
1 large furniture item donated (sooo very sad to see this go)
6 bags of clothes (we might have needed)
2 bags of books (perhaps Isabella would have liked to have read at some point in her life)
1 very large bin of glassware (that I definitely liked but didn't really have the space for and never used)
2 purses (that I might have used again)

My quest to fill 40 bags in 40 days has been getting a bit of attention...mostly from my spouse.  He is all over keeping me honest.

Each morning he asks, "So what is the bag of the day?"

There has been some progress...

We can now use both of our closets downstairs.  We can easily hang our coats up (because I only have two winter coats now instead of four) and we can find our shoes (because I got rid of several pairs of summer shoes; there is still 16 inches of snow on the ground).

In the office we can find the spare sets of keys and utilize art supplies without unwanted folders and duplicate notebooks falling on our heads.

In the kitchen we can now put the spare bags of ghiradelli dark chocolate chips in the cupboard instead of in the hall closet because, I got rid of many pieces of unused (though appreciated) glassware.

Finally, from the garage (this bit-o-contentious-space still makes Mark's heart race (as in the heart attack way...not pitter-patter manner)), I found a family in need of the baby crib, mattress, and baby gate.  Oh how I hated to see these things go....


Call it baby steps if you will.

Slow.  Steady.  A little painful.  A little bit cleansing.  A little bit refreshing.  Consistent progress.

One bag (or large furniture item) per day.


  1. I am so proud of you!!! Sounds like you have been doing more than 1 bag a day! And only 2 winter coats. I think it is time to go shopping. I think Mark would die if he knew how many winter coats I have stuffed in our closet. Keep up the good work!

  2. Keep on keepin' on. It all sounds great to me!! I get such a huge feeling of RELIEF when I get rid of "stuff." Maybe that's a therapy issue I should be attending to? Ha ha!