Monday, February 18, 2013 post my articles of interest

...for this week.

1.  I love book stores.  When my children were smaller and we lived in towns with a brick-and-mortar book store, we would go there for the morning.  I would grab a coffee, they would sit and play with the train table, and I would read to them.  We have spent many hours in bookstores.

You can imagine I was particularly sad to learn that Borders was closing its doors as we were moving here to Watertown.  No store has replaced it yet.  So I have learned to make sure to stop at Barnes and Nobles whenever we head to the mall in Syracuse for my bookstore fix.  You can imagine my sadness at this press:

Not B&N too!

2.  On a more serious note, the news of the pope retiring has been featured on all of the major networks.  There are articles, and tweets, face book posts, and blogger comments to delve into.  There is certainly no shortage of opinions on the subject.  I found this one pretty fascinating though:

A Woman as Pope?

3.  Now lets talk about working out...

I run nearly every weekday morning on my treadmill.  I try to get to the gym twice a week to lift weights.  And on the weekends I try to get in at least one workout.  This could have been my favorite article of the week!  I think I am sleeping in tomorrow....

Perhaps I work out too often.

4.  Finally, this article had me laughing out loud.  Tears were rolling down my cheeks.  However, you will only appreciate the article if:

  • you are not offended by offensive language
  • you are familiar with the children's cartoon Max and Ruby
  • your children curiously enough love this show (as mine do)

Happy Reading.

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