Thursday, February 14, 2013 celebrate Valentine's Day

...with all my sweetie's.

"Valentine's Day is a very special day."
                                   -Audrey Crow

To many Valentine's Day is just another day.  That is true. 

But to me (and obviously Audrey) is also a day that provides an opportunity to show love, appreciation, and adoration AND to share extra squeezes, hugs, and kisses (and gifts) with our loved ones.

My parents always made the day very special.  They made sure we knew that my brother and I were their Valentine's.  

And the day is surely special around here!

Mark bought me a really beautiful necklace with each of the kids' names inscribed, I bought Mark a new vest, and the kids...

Well they were valentined!

The grandparents' valentines
Will read Abbey her cards
As a family we had breakfast for dinner (woot! woot! a favorite here) and treats after basketball.

our valentines
This year's treats were simple: A box of chocolates, a flower to plant, and a small gift for each of them.

They were thrilled!

All except for Abbey:  Who was slightly horrified these chocolates have 'yuck' inside them.

I even captured this Kodak moment.

creamy caramel exploded from the chocolate in the Whitman sampler
She doesn't want to try another one.

We are blaming her poor taste buds on the current bout of Influenza B that she is battling (now day four).  Perhaps this weekend, when she is recovered, her sense of taste will return.

My hips and derriere sure hope so; they can't handle a whole box of chocolates!

Happy Valentine's my five sweethearts.

"It was a very special day."

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