Monday, February 4, 2013 have the day run smoothly

...and it did?

I should have played the lottery!  I may have won.

Mondays are my work day.  The kids had swimming.  I had a brigade engagement that started at 6:00.

This of course is the precise time the children are hungry and the time the big kids need to be picked up from swimming.

Well...remember how I wrote that our weekend was rather uneventful?

That is code for: No grocery shopping completed.  No meal planned.  No food to prepare for said, hungry family.

This morning while I was reading my favorite app on my phone (Zite) I came across this black bean soup recipe.  I decided I could throw this together quickly (ten minutes) since I always have these particular ingredients on hand.

As dinner time approached and the little girls began to complain about their hunger pains, I assured our nanny that none of the children would like this meal and they would all go to bed hungry.

Frankly, it is only a requirement that I provide meals for them.  Who said they had to enjoy it?

Remember the spaghetti and meatballs fiasco?

I knew I would like this soup...but who knew our kids would eat it?

And like it?

All four of them.

It was even reported that #3 asked for seconds!

If only I could have witnessed this miracle....


Enjoy this soup with some fresh, warm, crusty french bread to take away all the health benefits of this low fat, no salt, high protein, low carb dish.

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  1. Maybe they loved it because they thought Heather made it. Score for you either way!!!!