Tuesday, February 26, 2013

...to enjoy a break in the weather

...before another storm hits tomorrow!

It was a balmy 37 degrees and sunny this afternoon!  This was by far the best day of weather we have had in quite some time.

Bikes, scooters, snowballs, rock collecting, a long walk around the neighborhood, and lots of time at the park.

I bundled the girls up knowing they would want to play in the very wet snow for a while.  I was so glad that I had.

They came in muddy (and super sweaty) messes!  They played for two hours outside!

And only because I had been promising Abbey an art project all day we decorated Easter Eggs when the big kids got home from school.

Yes.  I know its a bit early.  But the kids love dyeing them and we can do them again next month.

 It was a very serious process.

They even had fun with the leftover dyes when they were finished...

this yellow snow is OK
and as you can tell Isabella really enjoyed using up the leftover

egg dyes as well.


  1. Isn't weather SO relative?? It was 50 degrees here and I was freezing. Ha ha. And you celebrated 37 degrees! And I often think of the Millers up in Alaska and think they'd probably wear shorts in 37 and SURELY in 50-degree weather. Meanwhile, I suggested the boys throw on their winter coats this am!

  2. You should tell Isabella it looks like a Smurf peed her name in the snow. AAAHAAHAHAHAH!