Tuesday, February 19, 2013

...to go iceskating!

...We love our Presidents!

President's day this year meant four days of family time.

  • Four days of sitting by the fire, and reading.
  • Four days of cozying up inside while the wind whipped 30mph and the temperatures dropped below zero.
  • Four days of listening to DS games chime and ding and to the theme song of Team Umizoomi.
  • Four days of kids chasing each other tirelessly around and around and around the living room.

Can you believe we only left the house twice to break away from this bliss?

Once to eat at Panera (Mark's favorite place for breakfast).

And once to go ice skating.

For some reason this was top on Isabella's list of things to do this week (their week of winter break)!

Will was too quick to get many photos of!

Abbey skated mostly without the bar this afternoon and was so proud of herself!

Audrey was happiest when we were pushing her around!

As you can tell ice-skating was a huge hit for our family!

Happy Skaters!
Happy President's Day.

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