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I feel like I haven't been very 'put together' this week.  The days haven't gone as smooth as they could have, dinners weren't planned as much as they were thrown together at the last minute, and I felt like each day I scrambling to some commitment late.

And usually its weeks like this that I feel as if I barely have a spare moment to read.

Having said that, many of the things I did read this week were worth sharing.

1.  As I have mentioned before I am a nerd with regard to linguistics.  I enjoyed this article about adverbs.  Did I really write this sentence out loud in print?

Adverbs? To use or not...

2.  I also have been known to have a somewhat warped sense of humor.  But these photos are too priceless not to share.  And the photo descriptions...speak for themselves.  Be wary of reading this document at your place of work.  You WILL laugh out loud.

Are you kidding me? These people are for real?!@?

3.  We have been attending several basketballs games of late and have come to really enjoy watching Will play.  He is a head shorter than the next-tallest kid on his team.  But the little man plays with heart, and speed, and a fair bit of skill.  This story shows that with talent and perseverance size doesn't matter.

Amazing Skills. Huge Talent. Small Kid.

4.  Finally, parenting articles always catch my eye.  This one was amazing!  I have complained all winter about how cold it is in my bedroom (63ish degrees) but I can hardly complain after reading this article about parents in Stockholm have their children regularly nap in temperatures that are sub-zero.  Really.


Happy Reading.

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  1. Perhaps we should try a nap outdoors this winter? Loved this last article!