Saturday, February 16, 2013 rest and recover from the ball

...that we attended last night

Audrey and Abbey were particularly excited that Mark and I were going to a real ball!  They were sure there was going to be crowns, jewels and dancing.  (And maybe even evil step-sisters?)

Audrey asked, "Mommy are you going to get married again at the ball?"

Then she decided that she needed to teach me how to dance and showed me some of her trademark moves.

Alas, she would be sad if she found out that I didn't try out her moves.  She would be even more sad to know that we didn't even dance at the ball.

Before I share the few photos I took, I need to mention that Heather, our incredibly-sweet-we-are-so-sad-she-is-leaving-nanny, truly made our evening possible.

Both Abbey and Audrey have Influenza B and were running temps of 101 and she still agreed to come and babysit for us.

She also agreed to ferry Mark and I both to-and-from the ball so that we might indulge in a glass of wine (or two or three or...).

AND she also offered to do my hair for the ball.  She did an amazing job.  I felt like such a princess!

Mark and the gentlemen in his shop.

I may have been heard to refer to an evening like this as 'mandatory fun'.  

However, I would be remiss if I didn't comment on how fun it is to dress up, to enjoy an evening with adults, and to witness the impressive pomp-and-circumstance of a military ball.

And besides, who doesn't love a man-in-uniform?

There is certainly one in particular who makes my heart go pitter-patter and I'll attend any ceremony that allows me to be at side.

My prince and I...


  1. Wow!! What a fun night. I love your hair! And Abbey looks so happy with Heather. Why is she leaving? I thought she just started?? Gosh, I need to call you and get filled in on all the latest. I'll try you tomorrow! Love the pics... you look beautiful!!