Wednesday, February 6, 2013 try another new recipe

...I knew this one would be a hit.

Once again I came across the recipe via a blog on Zite.  The original recipe originates with Hershey.  I found a heart shaped bundt pan in my stash that I have never used and thought the kids would love the mini-servings.  And as you might imagine they did.  And these cakes received rave reviews.

Note:  Because I try to be a nice momma, I served a pretty benign meal of pasta with a lemon sauce and broccoli for dinner.  Consequently there were no cries of torture from the peanut gallery this evening in anticipation of this treat!

The frosting called for marshmallows...and as a fun treat I let the girls dip marshmallows in the frosting that had dipped below the rack.


Or "Yuck"?

Yes, that is really what Audrey is saying.  After Abbey convinced her to try them again it turns out she did like them...marshmallows dipped in chocolate (who wouldn't?). 

Only Audrey.

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  1. Wanted to let you know I am going to try your black bean soup recipe tomorrow! I'm positive Chris and I will be the only ones to let it grace our lips but... I'm sure it'll be delicious!! Thanks for posting it. :)