Wednesday, January 29, 2014 read to the kids 'settles' each of us down.

Several weeks ago a friend of mine posted this on Facebook:



How?  Whhhhyyyy??!!?  

Sometimes the demise is slow.  Sometimes its fast.  And then BAM, I am Cruella.

Tonight was BAM.

Long day of work for me.  A.n.o.t.h.e.r. evening of being snowed in.  All extra-curricular activities canceled.  This translates to:  The only way the children get out their pent-up-energy is to torture/torment/chase each other....while-I-am-on-the-phone.

So what did I do?

I sent them to bed.

But I am a sucker for, "Did we lose our story too?"  (Insert photo of pouty-faces with batting eyelashes).

Will and I have started to read one of my favorite series from my childhood:

I love that he is hearing so many 'old-fashioned' words and concepts like: jalopy, chum, fellow and the fact that $25 was a lot of money or that when a person answered a telephone they didn't automatically know who was calling.  This piece of information was baffling to him.


  1. Oh how fun!! You know what? My mom gave James the Hardy Boy series for Christmas! We haven't started them yet but I'm so glad to know Will is enjoying them. I'll tell James!