Sunday, January 12, 2014 get ready

...again...for the upcoming week.

It seems I was just writing this post.  I guess a week ago I was.


I remember saying before: The days go slowly but the weeks go fast.

We endured enjoyed another week of family bliss and togetherness time.

We had a very untraditional week.  After a crazy blizzard (the like hasn't been seen since the 70's)...the great white north recovered very quickly.  47.5 inches in two and half days...and its all nearly gone.

Such a shame given the kids barely had a chance to play in it.  It was too cold and windy during the storm and then all too quickly the rain ruined all the beauty.  I love snow and snow storms.  There is nothing better than being stuck inside a warm cozy home during a storm.  Its the shoveling I could do without!

Looking ahead to our schedule this week makes my head spin.  I have slept more these past few weeks than ever and I have done nothing more than feed the four heathens three times a day.  Wish me luck bringing routine back into our lives...

The schedule is made.
The meals are set.
Backpacks are packed.

Let's see if the weather cooperates this week.

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  1. Good luck!! I'll be praying for sunshine and easy transitions for you guys. Oh, I sent you a link (over FB) where Austin was recently ranked #1 city (for something, ha ha!) and I thought you might be interested in the article since you guys are considering UTA. Happy Monday! Hope it's a good one. xo