Wednesday, January 22, 2014 stay warm

...since it's been a tad cold up here near Canada.

This is the second 'polar vortex' we have seen.  This month!

I have been looking at a lot of real estate these past few TX.  I am quite certain that Austin hasn't experienced any sub-zero temperature recently.  Nor have they been shoveling quite the amount of snow that I have.

I am not trying to complain.  I love the beauty of snow.  I even love the stormy days when we can hunker down inside and watch movies and stay cozy.  When these days are infrequent its easy to enjoy them.  When they happen several times a week...well, lets just say my level of appreciation for the cold and snow is...declining.

How did I pass the day away with a gaggle of children in the house all day?

Why I baked of course.

I believe I have mentioned before that I have somewhat of an addictive personality.  The target of my obsession is my wheat grinder this week.   I have big plans.  Visions of baguettes (thanks to my friend Lisa for sending me the recipe), breads (thanks to my friend Emily), and cookies consume my thoughts.  

Tonight I experimented with a basic chocolate chip cookie but used Ghiradelli dark chocolate in lieu of milk chocolate chips.

Isabella, ever the critic, determined that perhaps I should use milk chocolate the next time.  She felt the cookie needed something lighter...more delicate in flavor to balance the full flavors of the grain.

William was in a playful mood during critique time...

And the little girls...


as you can see they were upset.  They were upset because they weren't allowed to have a 3rd cookie.

It appears they enjoyed the first two!

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