Saturday, January 4, 2014 reflect on my 2013 resolutions

...and put my 2014 Resolutions in print.

1.  I was supposed to make healthier choices...


I believe I drive safer.  A bit slower, no texting, minimal talking on the phone unless I have my headphones.  I am pretty good at meal planning (it has made my life so much easier).  And I exercise consistently and for the most part I have a plan.

2.  Facilitating better relationships between the kids...

Minimal success.  I need to do this better.  We are moving this summer.  Once again we'll start anew, and they'll have only each other for the summer and until they adjust and make new friends.  I especially need to help Isabella focus on enjoying time with the little girls a bit more.  We started today by having her and Abbey just sit at the table and paint together.   Continue this goal.  (Can you tell I am a therapist?)

3.  Learn how to use my camera.

Moderate success.

I have taken some pretty great photos.  I can move pretty easily between settings, the camera and the video camera settings, and I can even take photos with the timer.  It may seem as if can use the camera with success, but there are a million features I would love to use better.  Continue this goal.

4.  Enjoy the quiet days at home.


I have done much better with this one especially the past few months...and these past two weeks at home have been proof of that.  Some of our entrapment has been due to the weather.  Mostly, its because we haven't wanted to leave.  We've done puzzles and play dough, watched TV and played video games, and have played outside in the snow plenty.  I think, they kids have enjoyed themselves too. goes my resolutions for 2014...

1.  Purge.

I am an undiagnosed hoarder.  Sure, I may camouflage my obsessions.  You might think there is a sense of order to the chaos.  But... oh dear I have a problem.  From picture frames to vintage library card catalogs, vases to white dishes, children's clothes to children's board games, and books...oh-my-the-books.

2.  Make my own breads with fresh ground wheat more often (this should be easy since I don't do it at all right now.)

Making bread seems like it should be a simple thing for me to work into my routine.  I love baking, I enjoy cooking, and I like knowing how to pronounce the ingredients in the food that we eat.  Now if I can just put it in our plan.  BTW I have ordered the wheat and I received a wheat grinder for Christmas.  Two steps in the right direction!

3.  Make a weekly plan.

In 2013 I was able to consistently make a meal plan.  This was one of the best changes I made for our family.  It helped me stay honest, prep meals a day or even two in advance, and grocery shop a little more 'smartly'.  This year I would like to try to plan and allot (and stick to) the days I go to the gym, the day that I grocery shop, and the day that is my 'fun day' each week.  It doesn't necessarily have to be the same days week-to-week but I am hoping this plan will help me 1) Stay honest about making it to the gym consistently and 2) save me unnecessary and time-costly trips to Walmart.

4.  Continue with the positive changes that I made in 2013 and perhaps even continue working on numbers 2 & 3.

Well...those are my goals.

It's only day 4 and I've already made progress on each.  Don't I have to work on each of them for 21 days?  Isn't that what makes a habit?

Cheers to baby steps.  One day at a time.

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