Saturday, February 1, 2014 spend the day

...watching the kids play...

Basketball of course.

This was our last full weekend of basketball.  Which is great because as the first few pictures show below I think the little girls are ready for the big kids to move on to new activities.

This was taken in the middle of last night's game (which was about a 45 minutes drive from here)...

Audrey didn't even fake-the-funk...she was watching something with her little 'boy'friend...just not basketball.

Saturday mornings the girls get the chance to hone their skills (fun for them).  And basketball can be a little more interesting if you are the one playing...

...unless someone nearby has an iPad then perhaps that is a little more interesting than basketball?

Why yes, she did walk of the court mid-game to announce she was done playing.

Abbey is all-about playing hard with a great attitude!

She is plum-tuckered out at the end of practice.

Popsicles at the end of practice?  

At 10 o' clock in the morning you say?

Why not.

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