Monday, January 20, 2014 make some cookies we get ready for a new crazed week!

Sometimes it's the little things that make me so happy.

Like trying a new recipe...

Or trying a new gift out.

1.  I cannot believe I have never made my own tomato soup.  Delicious* & Easy.   I could eat soup every-single-day.  So long Campbell's.  I have realized you taste terrible.  I adapted this recipe that I found on-line.

*Don't ask the peanut gallery.  Their reviews weren't so favorable.

2.  My new wheat grinder.  I think I am in love all over again.  I have a thing for appliances and this may quickly become a new favorite.  The quality of the cookies I made this evening did not disappoint**.

**Apparently the peanut gallery has a thing for sweets...the reviews of the cookies were mostly superb.

"Best ever!"
"I still like chocolate chip better."
"Can I have three?"
"Why are you sharing them!?!"

1 comment:

  1. Yum! I have made my own tomato soup a few times using Gwyneth Paltrow's recipe but hers takes a long time because you have to slow roast the tomatoes for hours prior (the recipe which is definitely worth trying: Maybe I'll give yours a try! Looks delicious and I KNOW how heavenly your chocolate chip cookies are so I can't imagine how much better they are with your "own" flour to boot. Hope your week is going well. xo