Sunday, January 19, 2014 go to another game.

We have watched many hours of basketball this week (although tonight was the first time in a while I remembered to grab my camera while running out the door)...

Tonight was a game I am so glad to have watched.

Once again when we walked into the gym the boys were greeted by a much bigger basketball team...

It's a bit hard to tell in this picture but these boys were much bigger in stature and they had at least 13 boys on their team!  Crazy.  And somewhat intimidating (and I am not even playing).

The six boys present tonight at the game played with all heart and a lot of might!  

I am so proud that Will is a part of this team.  His coaches are dedicated men committed to helping these boys learn both skills and sportsmanship.   They are intense and expect the boys to play hard and smart.  They also believe that God and family come first.  They pray with the boys at the end of each game.

They are interested in the success of the team as a whole and the development of each of the individual players.

During the last quarter of the game the coaches had these boys run the same play over-and-over to help one of the young boys on the team get his first basket of the season.

What was heartwarming and impressive is that not only the boys were committed to helping their teammate achieve this feat... but that the parents watching in the stands were equally vested in supporting this young boy.  

The young man did not make the basket that he tried so hard to make.

So many tries were SO. CLOSE.

After the game was over the boys were asked if they wanted to play another quarter.  Keep in mind the depth of the other team...the ability for the other team to put in subs.  Our boys had played HARD.  And were tired.  

Why of course they wanted to play another quarter!

Would you believe the coaches continued to have the boys run that same play over and over?

And that the fans in the stands (at least on our team's side) were still vested in that little man achieving this feat?

I can still hear the collective cheers each time his shots were SO close.

And then...

That little boy made his shot.


Oh my.  He was so proud.

But it was his teammates that I had my eye on.  The emotions on those boys' faces brought tears to my eyes.  Elated.  Ecstatic.  Proud.  Just as proud as if they had made the shot themselves.  

Family and Faith.  

Hard-work.  Effort.  Teamwork.  Sportsmanship.

Those of the things our son is learning this season.  That's why I am so proud he is part of this team.

As a bonus,

Would you believe it when I tell you these little guys won their first game of the season this evening?  

By two points.

Yup...William was pretty happy about it!

PS.  If you are wondering why the uniform change?  It's because the purple of the other team was a bit too close to our blue uniforms.  

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