Sunday, January 26, 2014 watch a lot of basketball

...Thank goodness the little girls didn't have to!

I have learned to really enjoy watching both Isabella and William play basketball this season.  I do NOT enjoy chasing two little girls around the gymnasium while trying to watch them play.  Thank goodness Meghan kept the girls all day for me.

Here are a few highlights from their games....

The girls played hard their first game!

Look at this girl extend!  Impressive!

Our (Augustinian) parents were pretty excited at the beginning...

The girls' were just serious!

Look at this girl play defense!

She is all over two girls now!

Who knew she had long arms??

The parents' got waayy more excited as the game went on!

The girls' handwork paid off!  They won their second game of the season and advanced in the tournament!

The boys' team played next.  Their match-up wasn't quiet as....even.

Can you see Will in the photo above?  Number 1.  Yes...he is standing at about that kid's elbow.

He loves to play and plays hard!




Sadly, these boys played their hearts out.  But did not win.

Their efforts were impressive.

The girls' second game followed immediately after this game.  As if my heart could be wrenched any more!  I can't tell you how stressful this basketball business is on me!!  Phew...I needed a break.

If the team the boys faced was big...well, this team was even giant-er.

Each time they were ready to put in subs...they subbed out ALL FIVE girls on the floor.  They had three rotations of girls!  And oh my...these girls were tall!

Little Katie comes up to this young lady's elbow...

The tallest girl on our team... nearly a head shorter than the forth tallest girl on their team.  

We were doomed.

The girls played hard!

(This was Isabella's shot...and it did go in!!)
And serious...

Isabella as point guard.
But came up a few points short.  Pun intended.

I think they were proud though!  And we parents...sure were proud of them.

As for me, I was sure tired after my long day of watching basketball!  So stressful!

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