Wednesday, January 15, 2014 to be Friday? isn't.

I am quite certain that I shouldn't be complaining about getting our family back into the swing of things after being homebound for 21 days.  We were as ready as we were going to be for the transition and I have to say...

It hasn't been all that smooth.

We've had:

Late nights from activities and sports.
Lots of homework.
Extra, extra chaos on my work days.

All this means:  grouchy kids and tired momma.

We aren't thriving.  We are barely sustaining.  But for this week I am reaching for the 'mediocre' bar.

I'll maintain my focus on the positives this week:

  • We are eating.  Three meals and snacks each day.  At home.  It may have been various leftovers since Monday but at least I haven't resorted to popcorn and cereal (yet).
  • They are clean.  Clean clothes.  Clean teeth.  And clean hair.
  • Timely.  We've been everywhere we need to be on time.  That is no small feat.

And I won't worry about the negatives.

I'll leave you with this conversation that I had with a 'child-who-must-not-be-named'.  It went something like this:

Me:  You need to finish your homework before you can use your 'earned reward time'.
Him:  I'm not doing it.
Me:  OK.  That's fine.  It's your choice.
Him:  But its my reward time.
Me:  Earned reward time is only to be used after you complete all of your personal responsibilities.  It's the rules.
Him:  Who made the rules?
Me:  I did.

Please envision...
<Stomp> <Huff> <Puff> <Stomp> <Flailing Arms> <Palm-to-the-forehead>

After a lovely display of choreographed arm motions:

Him:  I'm still not doing my homework.
Me:  Fine.  Then you won't be able to turn it in.
Him:  But I HAAAVVE To!!
Me:  You need to finish your homework then.

(Forgive me but isn't that where the conversation started?)


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  1. Hang in there… just 2 more days!! Do you have a long weekend? The kids here have off Mon and Tues this next week for MLK. I wish I'd thought to take them someplace "cool." Wish it wasn't so far to hop on the road and see you guys. Fingers crossed the homework got done. Ugggh… homework. :(