Tuesday, January 7, 2014

...the kids to go to school

...but they didn't.

We got to be together.  Again.

I took this photo when the wind wasn't blowing.

Here are a few of the headlines I cut and pasted from articles I have read today:

State of emergency declared for Watertown. ALL ROADS CLOSED 6pm!!  (Watertown is a fairly sizable town people.  This is crazy to me!)

DOT placing barricades on I-81 from Mexico, N.Y. to Canadian border

Snow Rates May Reach 2-3 Inches Per Hour

And my personal favorite:

Visibility Is So Bad, Snow Plows Are Pulled Off Roads

The weather forecast shows we are supposed to get another 10-15 tonight and another 8-10 tomorrow.


Just in case you were wondering this makes our 18th day in.a.row. of (mostly) weather-induced family togetherness...and still counting.

I am telling you...we are bonded.  

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  1. Ohhhh…. my…. gosh…. when are you all going to start watching The Shining? :) HANG TOUGH. Spring is around the corner!!! ha ha. Just kidding. I hope this cold front ends soon. I can't imagine how cold you all are because we are freezing down here in the south. Hope you, Meghan, and Amy are able to keep each other busy and sane. Thinking of you all...