Wednesday, October 17, 2012 work

...but I had to cancel all of my clients again

#3 is finally on the mend.  After a super rough night last night (her fever peaked at 104.1) I decided that we both certainly needed another day of rest.

Its a good thing I did, because shortly before we headed off to a follow-up appointment for her, #4 began exhibiting all of the symptoms Abbey started with on Sunday.

At least now I know what to expect...and can tell myself things like,
No...her appendix is not going to burst.
No...this is not a weird case of strep.
And definitely no, in spite of the neck pain, it is not meningitis.
A momma's mind sure can race when she is so worried in the middle of the night...

I am thankful for my kind friends again...

Emily for providing dinner and dessert.  She made these amazing meatballs and sauce as well as some pumpkin cookies that the kids have been gobbling up!

Luke, for making sure his best girl-friend has proven-sure-to-cure-you-Dora-popsicles!

And Heather, for this deliciousness,

and especially this one...


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