Sunday, October 28, 2012 break for a few days has been so nice having my better half home.

We spent the lone beautiful day of the weekend winterizing the yard for winter.  Mark and I took down the trampoline, put away all the toys, and Mark gave the yard one last mow for the season.

The kids have been ready to work on their pumpkins since we picked them out on our trip to Virginia several weeks ago.

Carving...really isn't my thing.

I left that job to Mark and Isabella:

Poking pieces into pumpkins to decorate them?  Now this is a task I enjoy...and I supervised it well. 

Pretty cute huh?

As the weather has turned cold and gray here in the great white north, we chose to spend plenty of quality family time hunkered down near the fire this weekend.

Now...We are all healthy and rested for the week ahead!

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