Tuesday, October 2, 2012

...to teach my daughter to knit!

...Who knew it would all come back to me so easily?

Isabella did a great job!  She has barely set down the needles long enough to do her homework since I taught her...

Here is the proud little lady showing off her first creation!

As I was teaching her this craft, I was realizing just how therapeutic and calming knitting was.  My grandmother taught me so long ago (I was about Isabella's age) and back then I didn't need an activity that was relaxing.  

There was something about the click on the needles and the pattern of my fingers moving...so relaxing.  I barely wanted to give her the knitting needles back for her turns to work!  It's a good thing for her that her siblings were nearby yelling and screaming/pushing and shoving or else I might have made the little project myself.

I do have a one thing in particular that I would like to make (found on Pinterest):

Doesn't this look cozy for up here in the north country?

I just have to fit this project in between the others I have planned for Mark's absence....


  1. At least this project doesn't involve some BIG item for the house and won't asphyxiate you!! (:
    THat neck wrap does look really cool. Maybe Isabella will have to teach me !

  2. I love it! You should knit this! I have to admit I have the itch to knit again too!