Tuesday, October 23, 2012

...to show the things my children

...pretend (because they are in a military family).

A month isn't a long time in the grand scheme of...well anything.

But for the Crow family it was:

  • a trip to Virginia
  • several soccer games
  • a couple of piano lessons
  • some really cold soccer practices
  • several Sunday mornings drinking coffee alone
  • a trip to the hospital with a sick little girl
  • more rounds of Tylenol and Motrin than I can even begin to count
  • and a clean bill of health for this household as of 20:00 this evening!

Seemed like a long time to us.

Anyway, today we had to bring Mark's truck back to his office so he can come home from work tomorrow afternoon.

Here is a snippet of my children enacting tomorrow's anticipation...

The only prop...

Mark's cover.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

I think they are too.

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