Monday, October 22, 2012

...really wanted

...the fog over my home to lift.

I pretended it did.

I had a shower.  Put on clothing that I had to both button and zip (i.e., good bye-yoga pants and hooded sweatshirt) and I even used the roller brush on my hair this morning.

Had I added a little lip gloss and mascara, Abbey might have thought I was headed 'out for coffee'.

I wasn't.

My schedule for the day still mostly included:

  • several administrations of Tylenol and Motrin at four-hour intervals
  • reading a few extra chapters of Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix
  • and...I hate to admit it, but I have even learned to play Super Mario Brothers on the Wii.
Oh...the things a parent will do to make their children at least feel better.

And they ARE feeling better.

We are finally on the road to recovery...

#4 returned to daycare for a few hours this morning.
#3 returned to school today.
#2 will return to school tomorrow.
#1 is improving.  Hopefully, she'll return to school on Wednesday.

Maybe this all means I'll get some uninterrupted sleep tonight?

No matter.  Sleep is overrated.

Here is some more proof they are recovering...

Will running around with Katie and John for a bit during Abbey's soccer game...

Abbey at her last soccer game this evening...

so happy to be running around!
She even kicked a goal!

Taken after this said Kodak moment...very proud of herself!
(which of course I missed physically seeing because at this particular moment in time I was trying to bribe, threaten and cajole Audrey to stop crying (for heaven's sake..&%&)...apparently she wanted to go home...)!

Abbey and her coach

Though we aren't quite back to our normal crazy...I am thankful the chaos is beginning to return.

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  1. Im glad to hear they are getting back to their old selves! What beautiful pictures of Abbey kicking her goal.