Tuesday, October 16, 2012

...to manage

...Abbey's fever throughout the day

Just a little update on my sweet little girl.

I set my alarm through the night last night to make sure she didn't miss a dose of her Tylenol or Ibuprofen.  By morning her fever was much better at 100.7.

Throughout the day she really appeared to feel better.  We had a very low-key day.  We read books, did puzzles, played board games, and watched TV.

When she was feeling her best she asked to help me make some pumpkin scones.  The kids have been asking for the past few weeks for them.

I convinced her to take a nap when we were finished.

Thank goodness this little one took one as well.  Although, she required me to lie down with her to fall asleep.

I was happy to 'take-one-for-the-team' for an hour.  This allowed us all to get some much needed rest!

nappy time

After her nap she was ready to play again...Rested and refreshed she was feeling like she needed a mani and a pedi from her friend Katie!

looking pretty happy...
Unfortunately, as the day has progressed I have had more and more trouble keeping little one's fever down.  I'll set my alarm a few times this evening again...and say a few prayers that tomorrow is a better day for her.

Sleep well sweet girl.

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  1. Oh no... I was thinking about her. I'm glad you did a follow-up post. I'm sorry to hear that her fever was returning. Hopefully the night went well. I don't know why kids always get sicker as the sun goes down?? That time Pete had a super high fever, it was "manageable" during the day but even though I gave him meds during the night, it still skyrocketed. The only advice I have is to make sure she's getting enough medicine for her weight. Part of the problem with Pete was that I wasn't giving him enough... the little chunk had moved to the next weight bracket without me realizing it! :) Be sure to keep us updated! I hope she feels back to her old self today!