Monday, August 27, 2012 mark a special anniversary for the kids and I

...of our arrival at Fort Drum.

The day has come and gone without any special accolades.

I didn't receive any flowers.

No one brought us any gifts.

No one even congratulated us.

In short, no one marked this achievement.

For that I am thankful.

Because that means that this place is our home.

That means:
  • We aren't the new family in the neighborhood.
  • We have explored many of the fun activities around.
  • I am familiar with the names of all of the nearby little towns and have been to most of them
  • Newcomers now ask me for directions (scary isn't it?)
  • Isabella isn't counting the days that have passed since she has last seen her best friend.
  • The little girls aren't missing their old rooms.
  • I am not mourning not having my favorite little coffee shop nearby (I make my own now.)
  • Will isn't...well he was always excited to start this new adventure!

Don't get me wrong, we still talk nearly every day about something or someone we are thinking about from West Point.

We especially think of our dearest friends that helped us to make this transition.

But we have found our niche here.

We have participated in soccer leagues and art classes.  The kids have done gymnastics and dance.  We've done scouts and been in local parades.  We go to church and mingle with the neighbors.   

Most importantly...we have made friends.  

Friends who will make saying goodbye when we leave here, just as difficult as it was one year ago.

We have made our way here at Fort Drum.  

This day didn't require any pomp and circumstance.

Because life is normal here up in the Great White North.

For that I am thankful.


  1. Good for you guys. It's hard to keep picking up, starting all over, making new friends, setting up a "home." I'm proud of you... especially since Mark was gone when you started this adventure. You and the kids did real good. :)

  2. Yay! So glad you moved up here! What would I do without you?

  3. gosh, a lot has happened in a year, hasn't it? You still are superwoman :) I loved this post. hugs from us - we are so proud of you for all that you have done in a year. You forgot to mention all the decorating and fun house projects you have done :) love you guys.