Monday, August 13, 2012 recap our night the drive-in.

What fun we had!

love the view
Mark had a long weekend this weekend and we took advantage of the extra day by staying out super late on Sunday evening!

There is a drive-in movie theatre in Black River, NY.  They play a double feature several nights each week and it is less than a ten minute drive from our home.

We Mark loaded up sleeping mats, sleeping bags, chairs, and bug-spray into the back of the truck and we all climbed in so excited to see not only one, but two movies!  Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days of Summer and Ice-Age 4 Continental Drift.

Abbey finally fell asleep near the end of Ice Age.
I am not certain the kids realize how special it was that they were able to experience this activity.

Some things I learned:
  • That Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days is actually a pretty funny movie.
  • That as much as I love is time for the Ice-Age franchise to be complete.
  • At one time there were over 4000 drive-in theaters across the country and now there are less than 400.
  • This was a surprisingly inexpensive family evening.  Snacks AND sodas AND admission:  $35.  
  • AND there are no germy movie seats involved!  (This is a special note to my friend Beth)
  • A family of six can lay rather cozily in the back of a pick-up truck together.
  • It isn't all that comfy to lean against the cab of the truck for the duration of two feature-length movies.
  • A sleeping little one in my arms made it all much more bearable.
Will took this picture during intermission:  Audrey never moved.
I hope there is something playing again soon that we'll all enjoy!


  1. Now THAT is my kind of movie!! :) Thank you for your note (I loved it) and especially all of the cute pictures. You all look great... and I love your longer hair too, Krissy. What a special night!

  2. PS. I suppose the "real" question is... did you leave Audrey asleep in the pick up bed for the ride home? ;)

  3. That looks like a lot fun...and my favorite character is Scrat too.