Monday, August 6, 2012 show some more MI days

...aren't these supposed to be the L-A-Z-Y days of summer?

The kids were so lucky to have been doted on the ENTIRE time we were back in MI.

Disclaimer and other notes:

  • This is a post for the doting family members and grandparents.  
  • They are in no particular order.
  • I wish I could have gotten more pictures of some other really fun things they did (trips out to lunch, dining at different breakfast venues, a kayak trip, manicure, special quilting day with Great-Grandma Viele...).
  • My son got a new Tiger outfit while he was home.  He wore it every day.  He is still wearing it every day.  Good thing it dries in the drier quickly.  That is why you see this outfit in nearly every photo.

Here are some of the highlights of their days (those I was around to photograph)...

Here is a photo of one of many of the gatherings for us:

My cousin Sarah made a special trip (twice) out to see us.

Another gathering with my Dad and cousin Emily.  The Viele family sure laughs a lot!

Time on the trampoline...they only fell of twice.  Ugh.

Aunt Deb and Liz made several trips to hang with us:

Yep.  Lucky Us.  Isabella now has a French Horn.  Even better...she practices all of the time.

Why not spend some time zooming around the country in the buff?

Or shall she try to hitch hike instead?

A trip to the bookstore was Great-Grandma Ford was a full morning activity.

Gasp!  Downtime?  Say it isn't so...

Time for an art project with Aunt Debbie.

Taking a short hike onto a little island.

Playing on the river rocks.  I think Uncle Steve is trying to pull Will in.

Sharing a quiet moment.

Uncle Dave has all these kids headed out on a little hike.  This meant Aunt Karen and I got to talk, un-interupted, for a blissfully long period of time.

More craft time.

Making a new best friend.  My Audrey and sweet little Aubrey.  Born just two weeks apart.

Looking for the pirate ship that sank long ago in Dimondale, MI.  Who knew?

Gathering for an amazing dinner at Aunt Jean's...

with Patty Horn as our special guest.

Heading into Dimondale for ice-cream!

Of course...another ice-cream night!

A full moon.  And the crazies never even came out of my children!  Was this because no one ever told them no?

My Dad, Me, and my crew.  

A special good-bye from Uncle Don.  Just 'cause Will missed him at dinner.  Will still talks about this.

Sweet feet.  Lil' one found her own fairy bridge.

Papa and a few of his girls.  What a happy group!

Finding the pirate ship remains made them silly!  Or maybe it was that full moon?

Yes.  You guessed it...more ice-cream.  And Uncle Dave and Aunt Karen happened to stop by!

Love this photo of my cousin Emily and Will.  They share the same contagious smile.

We sure are blessed to be so loved.  And so thankful too.


  1. You are truly blessed with GREAT Family.....again, making memories. Love seeing all the pics from MI.

  2. Great pics! Looks like you all had a wonderful vacation! What's interesting to me is that I see so much family resemblance... I think Abbey has your dad (and uncle's) eyes, no? And there's something in Will's smile that resembles one (or more) of your aunts. Always fun toe see the larger family picture... literally and figuratively. Glad you guys had such a wonderful trip home!

  3. What an action packed, fun trip!!

  4. Love the pictures! I wish we lived closer to home.