Monday, August 20, 2012 share our pictures from VT

...we couldn't have asked for a more storybook weekend!

 Who knew Vermont was this amazing?

We took a last minute trip with Jason and Lisa to Lake Champlain for the weekend.  I found a little farm house that was about half the distance to Boston and our two families were able to spend an incredibly relaxing few days together.

Beautiful family.  Beautiful day.

The farmhouse was a perfect spot with plenty of room for us.

The cousins.
We drank plenty of coffee and ate picture-perfect breakfasts overlooking the lake.

Our host, Jackie was more than gracious.  She made us feel so welcome.  She even gave the kids (big kids too) rides on the cart with the pony!

We played in the sand:

it was a bit chilly.

Went swimming (on the same chilly day Jason and Mark were very tolerant!):

Had water fights:

Found bugs:

And played plenty of catch!

The most special moments especially for Isabella was time spent with the animals on the farm.

Jackie gave her so many jobs to do.  Feeding, raking, mucking...she loved every moment.  

Two sisters and two brothers
We all loved watching Buster hop up on Junior's back.

Even Abbey felt so grown-up with her responsibilities on the Farm.

We even were able to have a campfire on the beach.

I loved this weekend filled with quality family moments.  

As we were heading back up to the house last night, looking up at the amazingly bright stars and talking about our campfire Isabella said,

"It kinda makes my heart feel all warm.  Like it is all swelled up.  Doesn't it?"

It sure does little one.  Sure does.


  1. What a wonderful adventure! I'm sure Isabella loved all of that pony time and that first picture of Vermont is breathtaking! Great pics!

  2. What an awesome weekend. I love seeing the pictures of everyone.