Sunday, August 12, 2012 bring in my finally...

...renovated icebox!

We have finally said adieu to my little purple cabinet.

After hours spent cleaning the hardware, sanding the exterior, and cleaning dust and debris from all surfaces in my garage we finally were able to bring the icebox into the house this morning.

Audrey insisted on being in front of the camera...

Audrey wanted to be in all of the pictures...
Until I tricked her and got a picture of my newest favorite piece of furniture without her in it:

Even the name plate cleaned up pretty well:

I am super happy with how it turned out; especially given what it had looked like before:

Audrey has taken to putting her toys in it already...

My new basket (from Africa...thank you Karen & Dave) is also full of Audrey's items.
I owe thanks to Mark who in spite of his eye-rolling (about bringing this piece into our house in the first-place) was extremely helpful.  Especially at the end...lugging the piece inside, helping me put all of the hardware back on, and fitting the legs back on the piece.  (He spent quite a long time with the rubber mallet trying to make the legs fit back on the piece just right.)

Maybe he thinks the time spent was well-worth it too?


  1. I LOVE it! It turned out so great! My new favorite piece of furniture too! Maybe we should store wine in it just so we have an excuse to open it several times a week!

  2. You did a great job. I think I know where you got your talent!

  3. I'm truly amazed- I never thought something that looked like that could turn out to look SO nice !Great job Krissy!You really do have a talent for seeing beneath the grim and can really do a good job! Congats!

  4. WOW wow wow!!!! I am shocked. You definitely saw potential where I did not. Way to go! It looks amazing!! :)

  5. This looks amazing!!! just getting internet and catching up - definitely makes me want to paint mine now!! AWESOME job. you have the patience of a saint...mine wouldn't have looked nearly this good.

  6. I'm really impressed. Great job Krissy.