Sunday, August 26, 2012 recap the highlights

...of the weekend.

Yesterday Mark braved a back-to-school-BINGO event with over 200 kids on post yesterday.  He thoughtfully took the big kids and two of Amy's kids to enjoy TEN games of BINGO.

I think his word of choice to describe the event was F-U-N.  Although he may have used a few other adjectives...

Each child that went to the event received a free backpack with some school supplies.  The backpacks were a little plain so the big kids went to work decorating them.

Here is Isabella's awesome finished project!

The little girls did another project that was set up far away from their big sister and brother...

AND for the biggest news of the weekend...

someone learned how to ride to their bike without training wheels yesterday!

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  1. I think that maks for a pretty productive weekend! Yay Abbey!