Tuesday, August 28, 2012

...to go rollerskating

...and what fun it was!

I am quite certain I have not been on roller skates since I was in junior high.  And let's just say that even back then I wasn't tearing up the rink.

Having said that, what few skating skills I had, I managed to preserve them over the years.  Maybe rollerskating is like riding a bike...once you know how, you never forget?

Not only was it fun but it was great exercise!

I was a little nervous about taking the little girls since neither of them have ever been on skates.  Thankfully the skating rink had these gates...

These awesome inventions are amazing!

Honestly, they made the afternoon such a fun family activity.  

The girls even got to participate in the races!  A heat just for 2-5 year olds!

Luke was the winner!  That kid was blazing around the track and I am pretty sure I never saw that child take a break.  Abbey did her best to keep up with him though!  

Little P was the most clever of these preschoolers...I am not sure that little man ever put his skates on the track!  He was very happy to have his momma push him around for the afternoon!

We were entertained by more races...

limbo contests...

riding the train...

and of course the chicken dance.

Lots of smiling, sweaty kids this afternoon...

And only a few scowls...

I would say this was a pretty successful afternoon.

The kids can't wait to take Mark.  I am sure he can't wait either!

Although if he is guaranteed a face of joy like this...I would he would be in.

a hot mess!

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  1. Love all the pictures! Especially Audrey's face!