Friday, August 24, 2012 enjoy a relaxing...

...last day of hot summer fun, day-at-the-beach.

With five moms and 16 children.

most of the crew
Amy and I had a vision of the five-of-us moms relaxing on the beach, drinking our Coke Zeros whilst our cherubs frolicked in the lake.


Her text to me last night went something like:  "With this many kids, us momma's will have plenty of time to visit".

Don't they look sweet?

I think the lifeguards were just-one-more emergency away from asking us to leave.

Us, as in our entire party.


For. Real.

We had to have the swimming area evacuated on our account.  Not only once, but twice.

Really...Can't make it up.

And when I tell you, these were gut-wrenching, tears-streaming (from us mommas), oh-my-where-is-this-child emergencies I am not exaggerating.

The first little man (3 years old) got lost almost as soon as we arrived.  All the children had begun to play in the water.  The last time we saw him; he was out in the water.  Way out in the water.  He was playing with all of the children and then, all of a sudden, he wasn't.  He had decided to head back to the parking lot to go and get his floaty.

His mom was a rock-star.  Calm, collected, though certainly rattled.  And now so thankful.

The second little one (2.5 years old) was playing with several others at the playground.  Three adults were there watching them while they played.  However, it was a large playground with several blind spots.  The concession/bathroom building was nearby.  And of course, so was that lake.  We imagined all kinds of atrocities in the FIFTEEN minutes she was missing.  She could have gone anywhere.  Someone could have taken her.  She had wandered a half-mile down the beach to another group of children building a 'pool' similar to the one our children were working on.

Both times our prayers were answered.  The little ones are safe.

We can now laugh about the craziness of the day...

The day was a success.  Most of the kids were unaware of the stress.

They did get to play in the sand,

make amazing sand pools,

and bob in the water.

While we mommas came away slightly sunburned and sand-covered...and appreciating the safety of our sleeping little ones even more this evening.

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  1. Right. While it ALWAYS sounds like a good idea, there is nothing LESS relaxing than mixing kids and water. It's a recipe for disaster. And yet we all do it over and over again. I'm sorry to hear about the two scares and incredibly grateful everyone turned up A-OK. I'm sure you guys were in a panic when it was happening though! And well, at least you got some cute pictures of the kids! In time, maybe that's all you'll remember. :)