Thursday, July 19, 2012 say goodbye to my purple cabinet

....that I would really still love to love

But, I don't anymore....

This little cabinet was my first 'treasure' I came across in a little shop that was closing when we lived at Fort Campbell, Tennessee.

I believe it was orange and bright blue when I bought it...I sanded and painted this lovely piece and placed it proudly in our living area.

This cabinet has made many, many moves since.  And it has been repurposed several times.

Yet...(gasp, shock) it may be on its way out of our home.

Alas!  Don't be alarmed! Or worried that I will have an empty square foot of space in our home...I have come across an even better treasure.....


An ice box.

Aren't you so proud Mark?  Mom?  Dad?

Isn't this a beauty? (Minus the bike helmets and bop-it game?) might not be now; but when I am done with it, it will be gorgeous.

Just wait and see.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome!!! Great find! Very similar set up to mine! I know you will do great things with it!!