Saturday, April 20, 2013 tackle the...

...toy room!

My mom and Richard have come into town for a visit.

My mom is really great about offering to be tackle some project that she knows I have in the back of my mind.

And the toy room has been on my mind (and Mark's mind) for some time.

The kids were scared.  My mom has a 'reputation' when it comes to cleaning a room.  Code for "adios!"  "Sionara!"

Isabella is wise to my mom's tidying secrets and she rushed to try to rescue a few precious treasures from doom.

I am not going to lie.

My mom and I were a bit overwhelmed.

And poor Richard was on his way to the pool and lunch with the four lil' angels, while we tackled the chaos.

Three extra-large jumbo boxes set for donation (or maybe garage sale), three large trash bags, and several big items disposed of later, the toy room is complete.

I am not going to lie, my heart was heavy as I put many items into boxes to go, but the toy room is so very manageable now.  I no longer feel suffocated when I walk in the room.  And the kids can now find all of the things they really play with...AND they have easy access to all of the things.

the door actually closes!
Gone is the keyboard (we have a piano), the green table (it only was used as a ladder and a collector of stuff), and one of the trunks (it only held stuffed animals and old costumes).  In the donation boxes are toys that were once loved by my children but I am certain they won't be missed.  

My mom sorted and lugged and tidied.  And most importantly she gave me the "OK" to just let go of so many.  We purged dried out markers, broken crayons, stray shoes, toys with missing pieces, and some very rough looking stuffed animals.  

When the children got home from their outing they rushed upstairs to see the result.  They loved it!  And then spent the afternoon and into the evening playing in its tidiness.

Abbey's comment:

"I like it but I know that there is something missing."
"Oh?",  I questioned.
"Yes, I know there is something missing.  I just don't know what!".


Thank you Mom.  Thank you Richard.

A team effort.

And a job well done.


  1. Room looks great! Enjoy your time with your mom and Richard.

  2. Ha ha ha... "I know SOMETHING is missing!" How funny and cute is that!?