Saturday, April 6, 2013 do a sewing project

...with Isabella

Isabella received a sewing machine for Christmas.  I have tried to set aside a few opportunities here and there to work with her in order to teach her the very few sewing tips that I know.

And I really wanted to help her work on a project while she was on spring break.

Goal accomplished.

And it was great quality time spent together.

I came across a cute cape pattern and thought it would be the perfect, first, small project to tackle with her.


A few simple folds.  A little bit of measuring.  And a large cut.

The tricky part involved learning to use bias tape.  Thank goodness for YouTube and tutorials.  After a quick video we were on our way!



Heard that Daddy was jumping on the I was left alone to sew some more.

Finished product!

As you can imagine, Isabella has orders for two more!


  1. That's really impressive! I know a little girl that might like to order one for her babies too.

  2. That's amazing! Great job, Isabella! (And of course helpful mama :))