Monday, April 22, 2013 enjoy my mom's visit these past few days.

Audrey's antics are always entertaining.  

Now that the toy room is clean, she has found all her 'treasures'.  Clearly she needs to wear them all at once.

The weather hasn't been very nice to spend time outdoors.  We improvised to make our own fun...

 and even created our own little spa.

The nail tech (a.k.a. me) needn't quit her day job.  But clearly it was fun...

Even the Queen enjoyed an oatmeal-foot-scrub-soak.

After enjoying yet another lovely breakfast at the Tin Pan Galley in Sacket's Harbor, we tried to take a stroll near Lake Ontario (again).  And while we were able to make it the perimeter of the park this time, it was still deceivingly cold.  

Windy and a brisk 36 degrees.  Brr!

The view is picture perfect.

 Sweet photo of Mimi and her Abbey.

No visit is complete without a trip (or two) for ice cream.

Girl time at Yo Johnny's!
This evening's destination was Coldstone Creamery.


What a delightful visit we have all had together.  

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  1. What fantastic pictures! I especially loved the one of Audrey all dolled up and the last one of Isabella... her chocolately ice cream cone matches her chocolately hair and pretty eyes perfectly! I tell Henry all the time that's why God gave him such pretty brown eyes... He knew Henry would love chocolate!! :-)