Sunday, April 14, 2013 enjoy the 'calm'

...before the storm.

As an unspoken rule of late (code for since Mark has been in the crazy job) we try to manage pretty low-key weekends.

Mark and I spend a few hours each morning having coffee while we pay no mind to our cherubs.  This means they watch TV (Audrey) or play video games ( to their little-hearts-content.

Everyone wins.

We always manage a nice breakfast together and then we typically spend the rest of the time doing things that we like to do around the house.

I took the girls swimming yesterday.
Mark took the big kids to see the movie 42.

Isabella had a fancy girl scout function this afternoon.

Will complained, procrastinated, and had several temper-tantrums about doing his homework.

Really.  And.  Truly.  He is only smiling in this photo because he knew how ridiculous he was being.

I used a saw for the first time ever.  I know it looks awful.  It won't matter in the end.

Then I my ghetto workshop.  Who uses garbage cans and planters to hold their handiwork anyway?

Yes...that is in fact a heater.  It is there because (as I have mentioned more than once) it is still freezing here AND it is trying to aid in speeding up my project's drying time.

Mark and I managed to enjoy a relaxing evening out to dinner last night at a fancy martini bar in Watertown of all places!  

We enjoyed a walk (or ride on scooters) around the neighborhood.

And finally, Audrey announced that she is now collecting both rocks and sticks for her respective collections.  Lucky me.

A deliciously slow weekend with the family.  It makes upcoming weeks like we are facing much more manageable.

Mark leaves in the morning for another 'field-trip'.

Destination: The hills of northern New York.  Pretty much...Canada.
Duration:  10 days
Weather forecast: Mild.  Windy.  Cold.  Wet.  Stormy.  Colder.

Side note:  If you are considering a new occupation, I wouldn't recommended joining the Army.  That is, if you like standard creature comforts.  


  1. Hmm... it's been way too long since we've spoken. What's Mark up to these days? You gonna be around later today? I'll give you a buzz to catch up. Looks like you all had a great weekend... well, maybe except for Will! ;) XOXO

  2. Is this your buffet project?!