Wednesday, April 17, 2013 listen to a few jokes

...because, lucky me, Abbey has figured out how to tell them.

What she has not figured that typically jokes make up by five-year-olds are not funny.

You would never guess it though.  She believes she is the next Jay Leno.

The big kids rolls their eyes.  Me...well, I do try to laugh.  I promise.  I find this phase very sweet.

Abbey:  Mom.  Mom.  What did the cat eat for dinner???
Me:  Hmmpff?  (barely listening)
Abbey:  He ate the food for dinner!!

Ha ha ha ha!

She tells them ALL.DAY.LONG.

On the way to the store:
Mom.  Mom.  Maaaam!@!?
Why did the kid go to the store?
To go to the commissary!

Playing outside:
Why do bees go on flowers?
Because bees fly on the flowers!!

Getting into the shower this evening:
Why did the stink stink up the house?
Because it was a skunk!!!

She finds herself superbly funny.

After this last joke she asked...

Abbey:  "Mom.  Why don't you get my jokes?"

Me:  (treading carefully) "Um...because I have never heard those particular ones before?"

Abbey:  "Well, that just shows that once again you don't know everything!"



All jokes were transcribed verbatim.  Really.  I can't make this stuff up.


  1. Love it! Reminds me of paddy's rhyme attempts :)

  2. I did laugh at a few of them, but that was mainly because I could picture the look on your face while she was telling you her jokes. After all you don't know everything.