Monday, April 15, 2013 post a few articles

...of interest this week.

I haven't done as much reading as I usually do lately...

Seems Meghan decided to let me know about this show that I should watch while I ran on my treadmill.  She claimed it was motivating her to run because she would so look forward to it each morning.

Since the show was free on Amazon Prime I indulged.  And thus, began my infatuation with Downton Abbey.   I also got Amy hooked (and she Donnie....and he got his parents hooked) and we all watched the entire 3 seasons in a very period short time.

How were my runs on the treadmill you ask?  Poor.  I found the show to be so enthralling that I had to stop running on my treadmill every few moments to the characters were saying.  I finally abandoned my attempt to do anything productive while waching this show so I switched to watching an episode (or two) each evening before I fell asleep.  

Since I began watching, I have googled Downton once or twice become obsessed to figure out when season 4 is going to begin (Not until JANUARY 2014!!) and other small details (e.g., who is not returning, new plots, etc...).  Here is one of the latest articles I have found....


The next few articles are ones that Mark has sent to me (since I have been obsessed with watching Downton and have had no time for reading).

This article fits nicely with the time period and while slightly morbid is certainly sad.

Mark sent this piece to me...and in doing so told me that I break all ten of these rules.  :)  I call it blazing my own tech trail.

And finally, just because I like coffee he sent this link to me.  Pretty cool video.

Enjoy the very light reading for the week!

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  1. I'm soooo cheap! Still haven't taken season 3 plunge! I might this weekend while Sean is away!