Wednesday, April 10, 2013 attend a coffee

...with the Brigade ladies

As a military spouse I have a lot of events that I am invited to.  Some are for fun, some are obligatory, and others...well, there is simply the assumption that I'll attend the event with my spouse.

Maybe these second and third categories are interchangeable?

Coffees...these fit in the fun category (though I might pretend otherwise).   They are set up for fun.  They are opportunities, often set up monthly, for the ladies in the unit at the Battalion/Brigade level to get together to socialize.

Period.  The end.

So, I may joke that the event is like this:

But really is it more like this (because while dinner is typically served wine is nearly always available.  And then I usually forget about eating because I am talking too much and....):

I always enjoy talking friends that I don't see quite often enough and the evening turns out to be really and truly very enjoyable.

And tonight...there was a bonus.  A big bonus.  Our event was held at The Marcy Spa & Salon.  If the location isn't delightful enough, I enjoyed both a facial AND a massage this evening.

Delicious food.  Lovely conversation.  Two glasses of wine.  Pampering services.

I didn't want to come home tonight.

Perhaps our unit should schedule these 'mandatory-fun-opportunities' on a bi-monthly basis?


  1. Clearly we are doing our coffees wrong! A massage and a facial?? Our coffee this month is at Sweet Frog frozen yogurt WHICH IS NOT THE SAME AS WINE. I'm gonna get hot on redirecting our hosts... ;)