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...look at this cozy young man!

Typically I am so annoyed by early morning visitors...I really treasure my time early in the morning.  If I am going to run, which by nature is rather tortuous, I prefer to do it without answering questions, getting drinks of water, and changing television stations.

Much to my chagrin Will came in at exactly the moment I started my treadmill.  5:50 a.m.  Dressed and ready

He thought we would get in a little exercise before school this morning.  Adorable!

I suggested he just lay in my bed and rest until I was finished and instead he went and got the latest book Harry Potter book that we are reading together.

I can't tell you how excited I am about this.  Will is a smart little boy.  And despite the oodles of books I have purchased him in pursuit of finding the rights series to snag him, independent reading has not been his thing (Yes, he'll read the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, and Big Nate books but he prefers the audio versions on his Kindle).  That is, until we began this series.  And now, since we have began this third book (about three days ago), he'll continue reading each evening for a few minutes after I have finished.  This morning he completed nearly the whole chapter while I ran.

These books are addicting.  Obviously I missed the bandwagon when they debuted a few years ago!

But my big kids love them; and we have had so much fun reading them together...

If only I could stop the two of them from reading so far ahead of me and spilling little details!

And yes...Will did get in a 'lil fifteen minute jog.

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  1. The books are addicting! Beware of book three and the kiddos getting too far ahead of you because there are some very surprising events that you wouldn't want spoiled :)