Monday, March 12, 2012 attend a Welcome Home Ceremony!

...the day was here.

We were supposed to arrive at the ceremony two hours prior to its start.  Lucky us Mark's ceremony was moved up one hour to 4:30 a.m.

I woke the kids up at 0200, as in 2 a.m.  All three of the bigger kids leapt out of bed just as easily as they would on a Saturday morning.  I woke Audrey and carried her right to the car.

I was prepared for anything!  I had blankets, snacks, movies, water bottles, and electronic devices.  Whatever I thought it might take to entertain our cherubs while we waited for two hours in the wee hours of the morning in a gymnasium.

They were excellent.

While we were waiting...

 All set up watching a movie under the bleachers.

Still waiting...

The welcoming committee:

One of the ladies from my neighborhood happened to be at our ceremony and took pictures for me.  Here are some of our Kodak moments...

I'm already teary just watching them march in.

be still my heart

our family is complete
Abbey is the most smitten.
Audrey is very proud of the sign she made.

Oh what a day.  


My heart is full.  


  1. Oh Krissy!! I got goosebumps looking at these pictures and my eyes filled with tears. I love the one of you smiling-- you look beautiful! WELCOME HOME MARK!!!!!! I am so very, very happy for you all. XOXOXOX

  2. PS. Tell Mark he looks too skinny! He needs to get hot on the buffalo wings and cookies you made for him!! :)

    1. I said the same thing Beth! Good thing I made so many treats! He's not going hungry on my watch.

  3. I teared up looking at these! You look amazing! Im SOOO happy for you all! I wish we would have got another conversation in before he came home, I cannot wait to hear!! YAY!!!


  4. I'm bawling like a baby! I'm so happy for you all being together again! Abbey's ear to ear smile says it all. Love and miss you. So glad Mark is home safe.

  5. Tears of joy! What a beautiful reunion! It made me so happy to see your family complete today. You look like the world has been lifted off your shoulders. Hugs!

  6. Kmc, you look beautiful. You did it.. Made it thru with flyin colors as we knew you would. And to see mark back on US soil.... Priceless. So glad he is home safe. We love you guys.