Monday, March 5, 2012 enjoy the calm before the storm there has been this eerie peace in our home since yesterday

This is the second night in a row I have put the kids down to bed and 'wondered' what I needed to do.  Code for there isn't anything pressing on my list.

I have been manic for the past several weeks.  Projects, trip, organizing, tasks...

The kids know now.  They know that he is coming home soon.  The countdown has started.  It's kinda like counting down the space shuttle, but much, much slower.

They are so very excited!

I was super excited too until I saw the anticipated time of the welcome home ceremony.  Let's just say not too many people in the world are awake at that hour.  And especially not at the two-hour-earlier-mark that we are supposed to arrive at this undisclosed exciting location! the people who plan these things have children?  Do they realize we actually would want to look nice?

I briefly contemplated only attending the ceremony myself...but Mark would be disappointed not to have us all there; besides, I think the kids deserve all of the pomp and circumstance that goes along with these ceremonies.  After all, they have sacrificed and endured (and survived me) just as much as Mark and I.

So the past two days I have tried to relish the peace as I mentioned.  I am not going to start any big new projects, clean out any more drawers, or redo the decor.
Let's be honest, this is mostly because I am hoping that Isabella will forget all of the 'changes' (code for new items that have come into our home without three leaving) that have occurred in the past several months.  (I wish I could put the 'Harry Potter forgetful muggle' spell on her to make her forget!)  She is Mark's biggest ally and she is sure to tell all of my secrets on me!
So today the big activity was dance class.  We have missed the past three weeks because of illness or vacation and the few before that Abbey only sucked her thumb.  She didn't attempt even one shuffle!  So we prepared all morning.  The result is pretty cute if you ask me; but I am just the mom:

Abbey is the one in pink on the end closest to the camera.

As for my lists, I have lots of other things I want to make sure to get done.  Things like laundry, grocery shopping, prepare some foods, buy an iPhone 4s....

But I am also trying to enjoy these moments of chaos.  The chaos that honestly, I am nervous and scared to share.

I hope I have done a good enough job.

For them and for Mark.


  1. You have done a tremdous job and done it very well!

  2. no one could have handled it all better than you, my friend :) love you!